How to Obtain Cedar Point Discount Tickets

It's that time of the year once again which marks the beginning of summer and when Cedar Point opens. Everyone looks forward to the park reopening and when this event takes place many people go online and obtain Cedar Point discount tickets which is a big savings and allows people to enjoy the visit fully. It is easy to obtain these discount tickets and you don't have to spend hours searching for them either. You can go straight to the park's website and buy the discount tickets directly.

Cedar Point is located about one and a half hours drive from Cleveland and has been rated as one of the USA's favorite amusement parks. The park boosts 364 acres and is home to a white soft sandy beach, seventeen roller coasters, a host of fabulous shops, a classic merry go round, exciting rides, four children's areas as well as a wide variety of food stands. Tickets are available by mail, by phone, online, from the park as well as other retailers in the area.

Cedar Point encourages visitors to purchase their discount tickets or else when arriving at the gate you will have to pay full price for the tickets. Staff has to be scheduled at the gates as well as monitor how many guests enter the park daily this is why is costs far more if you buy your tickets at the gate. As an incentive the park encourages their guests to purchase tickets for the amusement park online and offer standard discounts to their visitors buying online.

Discounts are offered on a regular basis so one should check what is on offer daily. Check the online ticket page daily as there are discounted specials offers for the roller coasters as well as soak city that are far cheaper than purchasing from the gate. Standard discount tickets are available daily, but the special discounts are given on different days and there is no warning that there are special discounts available, that is why you need to check online daily.

The standard discounted tickets include price breaks for seniors, children and military and in addition there are also discounted rates for those visiting the park in the afternoon as well as special multiday pass packages. Besides gate tickets there are also other cheap tickets and coupons for lunches, sweets and drinks on certain days. Also available are coupons for the amusement park which will afford you a big saving.

In addition Cedar Point offers the best rates should you qualify for the junior and senior discount tickets. Tickets cost less than half the price if visitors are under forty eight inches tall and for those aged sixty two and older. The prices for 2011 for juniors and seniors sell for $21 per person as opposed to the regular price which is $46.99 per person.

Cedar Park discount tickets such as the starlight discounts are great for those entering at five in the evening as the tickets only cost $29.99 and if you are staying at the hotel at Cedar Point tickets then cost only $16.99. Season passes are also available at discounted prices.
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How to Obtain Cedar Point Discount Tickets
How to Obtain Cedar Point Discount Tickets
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